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The Software

1. Introduction

2. Implementation

3. The JIL Advantage

4. Applications

5. Snapshots

This software will be very helpful in distance learning, for lecturers and everyone who wants to give presentations. Consider a professor, who is giving a lecture at a conference. To make a slideshow out of the lecture all he has to give to the software is the slides and the voice recording at the conference. The slides, he may as well prepare for the conference (be it a powerpoint or hand written, it could be exported as images) and same goes for the voice recording. He may also give some additional notes for some slides like hints, proofs etc. Once the slideshow is prepared he can freely distribute it and any person by using our software can get the actual feel of the lecture at his leisure. The person will also see the additional notes, proofs etc as he goes through the slide show, which will help him follow the presentation better. The software will be also useful for distance learning. Consider a course for example which has 20 lectures of 1hr each. Now using the same principle as above the course can be packed in a CD, as the storage and transfer of audio data is very viable. This will be a boon for distance learning.

The current implementation of the software supports the creation and display of the slideshow with image/voice/text. A large number of features need to be added. For example the functionality of reading/displaying PDF files could be included. Also network support could be added so that it could be used in distance education streaming.

All the presentation softwares like Powerpoint, KPresent available today don't support audio/visual functionality (and even if they do, it is limited). The above functionality could also be achieved using Flash but it is very cumbersome to prepare slideshow with audio. Since my software is made keeping in mind lecture creation and viewing, it offers a neat interface for combining the audio and visual part of lecture. Also the platform independent feature gives my software an additional edge over the existing solutions.