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The Software

1. Introduction

2. Implementation

3. The JIL Advantage

4. Applications

5. Snapshots

The software is built using Java (version 2) with multimedia support using Java Media Framework (JMF version 2.1) API. The platform independent feature, i.e. run anywhere, gives it an additional edge. Easy maintenance, usage and installation and robustness was kept in mind while building the software. A user friendly GUI has been included for easy usage, help and installation.

The software consists of two parts:

1) Lecture Creator: This module creates the slide show. It takes as input the slides (images), texts (text files), speech (voice recording) and the synchronization information (of slides and audio). The synchronization information is provided by the creator of the show using a user friendly interface. The module then parses the synchronization information and constructs a slideshow with the slides, text and speech.

2) Lecture Viewer: This module is used to view the slide show created by Lecture Creator. This involves parsing the synchronization information in the slideshow and playing back speech, putting the slides and associated text correctly.