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The Software

1. Introduction

2. Implementation

3. The JIL Advantage

4. Applications

5. Snapshots

In today's information age the notion of geographical disparity has been greatly reduced. A great number of solutions have emerged to communicate the information like distance learning, remote video conferencing etc. The standard tools to facilitate the above include textual slideshow, playback of the recorded video or video streaming. But these tools have their own drawbacks. The textual slideshow doesn't provide the original feel of the lecture and video is not economically viable. Consider for example a recorded video/ streamed video of a lecture, the video may focus the lecturer and the slides (the most important thing!) may be out of focus. In such cases, the speech might be heard but slides may not be clearly visible. Here, the lecturer is not important but what he is lecturing is important and therefore the slides and the speech are more important than the lecturer himself.

Thus there arises an immense need of a tool which gives the actual feel of the lecture and is economically viable too. JILearn combines the visual effect given by the slides and the speech of the lecturer and synchronizes them. The combination of the slides with speech gives the actual lecture feel. The software is used to produce a slide show with voice/text and graphical support. The slide show consists of picture slides, additional text and the voice recording of the slide show. The software is also used to view the slideshow.